IOSH Safety, Health & Environment for Construction Site Managers


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IOSH Safety, Health & Environment for Construction Site Managers is intended for construction site managers that work in the the UK or abroad. Every manager needs an understanding of their safety and health responsibilities

Worldwide, 60,000 workers die on construction sites every year. The annual financial cost for businesses of accidents, illness and deaths is over £2 trillion. The good news is that up to 70 per cent of accidents can be prevented by good standards of management.

IOSH’s globally-delivered IOSH Safety, Health & Environment for Construction Site Managers course provides essential knowledge for anyone who oversees or manages safety, health and environmental risks associated with construction activities.

The course provides a step-by-step guide to understanding and managing the risks. Keeping your business healthy and safe with an effective training programme will enable you to reduce the cost of accidents and illness by up to 40 per cent.

This course has been approved by CITB and Build UK, which means our courses are aligned to the Build UK Training Standard and employers can access the CITB levy.

Who the course is for

Anyone who oversees or manages safety, health and environmental risks associated with construction activities.

Remember, it is your responsibility to provide your staff with the training to ensure your site is fully compliant with safety, health and environmental regulations.

What the course covers

  • Local law and enforcement
  • Preparing for work
  • General management of the site, workers and contractors including for example:
    – the importance of method statements
    – the use of permits to work.
  • The importance of managing environmental aspects and impacts related to construction projects
  • Principles underpinning effective construction design and management
  • The key issues and control of working at height including for example:
    – plans and risk assessments
    – roofs and fragile surfaces
    – working platforms and ladders
    – management, use and stability of scaffolds
    – fall arrest and suspension equipment.
  • Site requirements for the welfare of construction workers on site

What employers will get

  • Globally-recognised and respected certificated training for their managers and supervisors
  • Peace of mind offered by training that’s designed and quality-assured by the Chartered body for safety and health professionals
  • A course that can be delivered in time-slots that suit the business
  • Fewer hours lost due to sickness and accidents, resulting in greater productivity
  • Improved, company-wide safety awareness culture and appreciation for safety measures
  • Proactive staff involvement to improve the workplace
  • Enhanced reputation within the supply chain

Additional information

Classroom Training Dates, Location

06 – 09 December 2021 9am – 5pm Cambridge, 14 – 17 February 2022 9am – 5pm Cambridge, 16 – 19 May 2022 9am – 5pm Cambridge, 15 – 18 August 2022 9am – 5pm Cambridge, 14 – 17 July 2022 9am – 5pm Cambridge

Virtual Classroom Dates, Location

11 – 14 January 2020 9am – 5pm Cambridge, 20 – 23 April 2020 9am – 5pm Cambridge, 4 – 7 May 2020 9am – 5pm Cambridge, 27 – 30 July 2020 9am – 5pm Cambridge


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