We now offer virtual classroom and eLearning courses to train your employees remotely. Contact us on 01223 900241 or reply to my email for more information! – jb@cambridgeriskmanagement.com

Our virtual classroom training provides an online environment for our training programmes to be delivered at your home or office.

You get the same access to our experienced consultants and learn from your peers in an interactive environment that replicates a physical classroom.

Talk to us about our virtual classroom options:

  • Health and safety programmes including IOSH Training, CIEH Training, Fire Training, Asbestos Awareness, Internal Audits, First Aid for Mental Health Training
  • Environmental management including audits, 14001 training

Talk to us about our virtual classroom options:

  • Health and safety programmes including IOSH, CDM, Internal Audit, stress management
  • Environmental management including waste management, 14001 training

How it works

The course is taught by a tutor just as it would be in a classroom. In fact, our Live Online tutors are the same tutors who facilitate our face to face training. Students join remotely using a PC, laptop or tablet and download the relevant software in advance to gain entry. Students can see and interact with the tutor and with each other throughout the course. PowerPoint slides, videos and whiteboard are all fully visible, with tutors able to switch seamlessly between any of these media.

Joining our virtual classes is simple
Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Chrome or Firefox
  • An Internet connection
  • An internal or external microphone and preferably a webcam and headset

For an effective and engaging remote training solution for you or your workforce, talk to your Cambridge Risk Management Ltd advisor today or call us on 01223 900241 or email jb@cambridgeriskmanagement.com