Health and Safety Audits


Cambridge Risk Management Ltd can assist businesses that require Health and Safety audits of their existing management system.

An in-depth Health and Safety Audit can be very useful when establishing whether your current Health and Safety Management System is actually working and whether employees are observing Health and Safety practices at work.

What can we do to help?

Our bespoke Health and Safety Audits are a critical, in-depth examination of an organisation’s Health and Safety Management System. Health and Safety audits can cover the whole safety management system or particular aspects, such as your;

  • Health and Safety policy and documentation
  • Arrangements
  • Legal compliance
  • Risk Assessments
  • Fire Safety
  • CoSHH
  • PPE
  • And the level of Health and Safety training within the organisation

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Following the Health and Safety audit, a prioritised action plan is produced to guide any required improvements. This report can be used to form the basis of a Management System and will help the business to achieve best practice in relation to Health and Safety management.

Health and Safety Audits should be carried out on an annual basis and will provide you with a clear picture of performance in terms of Health and Safety Management. As a result, remedial actions can be taken before incidents occur.

OK, I’m interested what do I do next?

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What are your legal duties?

Organisations with 5 or more employees are required by law to have:
  • A documented Health and Safety Policy;
  • Documented arrangements for the organisation, planning, control, monitoring and review of Health and Safety Practices;
  • Documented suitable and sufficient Risk Assessments for all significant hazards and;
  • Access to competent Occupational Health and Safety Consultancy advice.
These requirements can prove too difficult to put in place and maintain effectively, particularly for small organisations that may not have a designated competent workplace Health and Safety advisor.
What are the consequences of doing nothing?
  • The penalties of not complying with Workplace Health and Safety law can be very serious
  • Unlimited fines straight from your bottom line
  • THE HSE will charge you under Fee for Intervention
  • Individual fines and imprisonment;
  • Publicity of prosecutions leading to loss of orders and damage to reputation.

The Business Advantage

Another big advantage in carrying out a health and safety audit is that it will enable an organisation to satisfy itself that the company s own Health and Safety Policy and associated documents are being implemented properly.

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Organisation Size

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