Certificate in Stress Awareness




Have you considered doing a Certificate in Stress Awareness Course

Stress is increasingly a factor in lost working days lost and the overall reduction in employee effectiveness.  It is important for all employees to recognise the importance of understanding stress and the guidance required to manage employees effectively to minimise risk.

Stress affects a large proportion of the population and can cause some serious risks to health. Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, all employers must ensure the health and safety of their employees, including minimising the risk of stress-related illness.

This qualification seeks to advise and guide those interested in protecting themselves and their workforce from the damaging effects of stress.  It is relevant to all staff but is particularly appropriate for those who deal with the public, work to deadlines, are in a supervisory position and provide services or training.  This course will prepare employees to look carefully at their own work activities and contribute to the development of strategies to combat work related stress, in co-operation with their managers and supervisors.

This is a half day Certificate in Stress Awareness course which includes individual self-assessment.

On completing this Certificate in Stress Awareness course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain what is meant by the term stress and, in particular, work-related stress
  • Explain the importance of controlling stress in the workplace
  • Explain the typical stress-related factors in the workplace
  • Identify stress in colleagues and themselves
  • Advise on and implement controls in the workplace to reduce stress
  • Monitor colleagues and themselves in relation to stress at work

Certificate in Stress Awareness

Who Should Take This Course?

This Stress Awareness course is suitable for people of all levels and backgrounds, both professional and non-professional. Employers will benefit from this course as it raises awareness of compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and provides practical ways in which the workplace can be adapted to reduce levels of occupational stress.

This course is also suitable for individual learners who wish to learn more about how they can cope with and manage their stress on a personal basis. The course provides practical advice and strategies to actively reduce personal stress levels.

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In-House Course

Up to 12 Delegates